Whiskey Old Fashioned

The history of the Bourbon Old Fashioned is as rich as its whiskey. The granddaddy of all cocktails, this renowned concoction is a masterpiece of simplicity. Made with just bourbon, bitters, pure cane sugar, and a hint of cherry and orange, this cocktail has weathered the tests of time and still rolls with the punches.

SoulBoxer Cocktail Co. creates ready-to-drink cocktails worth drinking. (It’s about time, wouldn’t you say?) SoulBoxer brings together superior ingredients to create cocktails that have old school swagger, a touch of class, and serious quality.

Brandy Old Fashion

The Brandy Old Fashioned breaks tradition by being made of brandy instead of whiskey. Flavored with pure cane sugar, aromatic bitters, Door County cherries, and orange peel, we crafted a signature cocktail that remains true to its supper club origins.