St-Rémy VSOP embodies the iconic and historical taste of St-Rémy. It is a translation of the original recipe that has made St-Rémy famous around the globe.


APPEARANCE- Amber-yellow in color with golden highlights.

NOSE- Alcohol notes are quickly replaced with rich fruity aromas of cherry, gooseberry and wild strawberry. Floral notes subtly blend with the woody and vanilla tones of oak. The overall impression is pleasing, harmonious and smooth.

PALATE- Round and smooth with fruity aromas and wood, combining to produce an oaky vanilla fininish


St-Rémy is the world’s favorite and most prestigious French brandy, prized by connoisseurs and critics alike since 1886.

With 130 years of brand history, the recipe continues to be passed down from generation to generation: it is a closely guarded secret known only to our dedicated Master Blenders, well protected in its iconic black bottle.